Who The Hell Are We?

KONTRASOSIALKOMUNIKE blog is intended to support the KONTRASOSIAL existence with their stuffs. More than their musics.

KONTRASOSIAL, an underrated punk band from Bandung was formed as a critical statement. Specifically to the recent so-called local punk scene which now has lack of awareness where the poison of materialism has intoxicated into the epicenter of their beliefs and idealism. As for an eager space, we set our existence as the irritation to the major society. We’re sick of their prejudice and it’s time to put it aside. Happy or not, here we are!!!

Back in 2002, Kontrasosial was a crust grind band called Maximum Terror with Ken (drums), Indra (vocals) and Dede (guitars) in the line up. After some phases, Ken and Dede are the only members that remain. Ken finally changed the band’s name to Kontrasosial along with the changing of its musical direction to the root of Swedish Hardcore; and Billy recruited to make a full force.

Kontrasosial then is a d-beat band performed with the highest energy comes along since 2006. Current line up is EbbySkit on Sore Throat, BillyAnjing on Rusted 6 Strings, Ivan Raggo on Battery Beat, Ken Terror on Low Ear Beating 4 strings and El Toro on Distorted 6 Strings.




4 Responses to “Who The Hell Are We?”

  1. maju terus braaay! 😀 *support*

  2. kentir Says:

    saya kentir dari bekasi,kontrasosial keren

  3. Sehat ?

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