INTERVIEW with TERRORIZER MAGZ ‘for the band of the week’

Hails, please give me a background history on the band and who does what in the band?

Back in 2002, Kontrasosial was a crust grind band called Maximum Terror with Ken (drums), Indra (vocals) and Dede (guitars) in the line up. After some phases, Ken and Dede are the only members that remain. Ken finally changed the band’s name to Kontrasosial along with the changing of its musical direction to the root of Swedish Hardcore; and Billy recruited to make a full force. Kontrasosial then is a d-beat band performed with the highest energy comes along since 2006. Current line up is EbbySkit on Sore Throat, BillyAnjing on Rusted 6 Strings, Ivan Raggo on Battery Beat, Ken Terror on Low Ear Beating 4 strings and El Toro on Distorted 6 Strings.

Your album Endless War is a crushing onslaught of crust punk. Please tell the readers a bit about it in your own words.

Endless War is our second album released in 2008. It‘s slightly different from our first release which exposes Swedish d-beat Hardcore mayhem,  Endless War has more to offer by maintaining traditional d-beat raw punk, mixed with oldschool black metal riffs and feels. Apart from the music itself, we literary put our blood in and out on that record.

Do you have much new material in the pipeline, what releases have you currently got planned? When can we expect the next release from you guys?

We do! After releasing our live recording material on last February, we’re now back to the studio to write and practice our new shits. Hopefully the shits will ready to hit the fan in the next 3 months!

What bands influence and shape the sound of Kontrasosial?

Basically we listen a lot to Discharge, Totalitär, Avskum, State Of Fear and a bunch of Japcrust/d-beat like Disclose, Poikkeus, Framtid, Wind of Genocide etc. But we also snooping the gloom of Black Metal such as Mayhem and the total madness exploration sound of experimental noise.

Please tell us a bit about the Indonesian/ SE Asia punk /extreme music scene, what bands do you recommend to the readers? There seems to be a lot of activity!!

SE Asia punk scene is more and more brutal lately. Indonesian scene itself, you can say, is one of the biggest in Asia since it’s a huge country with thousand islands. Tons of underground bands from wide array of genres come and out of their breeding ground, spreading their disease with extreme music.

Disgruntlement and multiple scattered questions hanging in midair for its socio-political and economy conditions most of the time are something that these kids howling about. If you try to smoke out about Indonesia and its history, you will realize how bawdy chaos this country is. Still, we have our hope and our anger and ways to have fun through our music!

Some of the bands from Indonesia you guys should check are Peace or Annihilation, a great long running d-beat raw punk band from Jakarta; A Sistem Rijek, a Japanese d-beat/crust influenced band from Yogyakarta.

From our hometown Bandung, you could taste Krass Kepala, fast d-beat raw punk unit; Terror of Dynamite Attack, two pieces grind band which has tons of split releases with other bands from other countries; Turtle Jr., our teen idol hardcore punk which still viciously active; Moragrifa, a great blackened crust band, Ebby’s on guitar here; and Error Brain, a technical grindcore band.
Anyways, here you can always meet tons of good bands and nice peoples.

Do you guys play live in your home country often? What kind of places do you usually play? What can people expect from your live show?

Not very often but for an Indonesia DIY band like us, we quite rather frequently play a gig. Most of it is punk gigs of our friends. You can say that we’re picky enough to play in a gig as long as it’s D.I.Y gig. We usually play on small venues or sometimes in the mountains or beaches, far from the city. In our show, you will see nothin’ but madness, friends come over to dance and share their highest energy while we share our ideas on stage.

You toured last year which also included a gig with Tragedy, what was that touring experience like? What memories are the best for you from this tour?? Fave countries/places to play? Any plans to come back to Europe?

Our Europe tour was a blasting experience. Not only we could play with great bands, but we can actually met and hung out with friends who had contact us years before.

Playing in front of hundreds of peoples on a big park in Geneva was a crazy memory. We jump out of the van, set up the equipments, play it loud, while the vigilante police alert outside to get us fuck out of that park because we don’t have permission to play. Being part of our-teenage-dream Zorofest in Leipzig was also unforgettable. Another best part of the tour was also for the party and for Ebby of course the never stop smoking marijuana part. Haha.

Our fave places to play are squats, no matter where.

We do have plans to hit all place on the world with our existence. So, touring back to Europe is in our plan, but yes it is not cheap. It’s the strength of trust in friendship networking that could make our last Europe tour happened. 😉

What does the name Kontrasosial mean? please also tell us what your lyrics deal with?

Kontrasosial consists of two words : kontra (as in contra) and sosial (as in social).
It represents us generally that we are the contrary of the highergroundsociety. In every different language of the world, the word “Kontrasosial” always has the same meaning; these are the words that most of people understand.

Our lyrics? Well. What else? Those socio-political issues, the hypocrisy of religion, war business, satirical story of daily life and everything that seems not fit in our understanding of world.

What have you got planned for this year and beyond? The last words are yours, thanks!

We planned to have more releases, sharing more dreams and nightmares, do tour inside or outside Indonesia. Someone interest to set us up in your town? We will burn your winter and freeze your summer! :p

Thanks for the interview! And for the kids out there.. don’t forget to keep the cpirit up! –with C not S– Haha. Band of The Week?! Heck…



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